Earth Regenerators
Earth Regenerators
Joe Brewer

Welcome to Earth Regenerators

A Study Group for Restoring Planetary Health and Avoiding Human Extinction

About Us

This is a gathering place for people who would like to participate in the Design Institute for Regenerating Earth. We come from many walks of life, live all over the world, and are unified in our passion for dedicating ourselves to the healing of landscapes and preservation of Earth's biosphere.

DIRE is a project of the Center for Applied Cultural Evolution and is built on the principles of gift economy -- meaning all are welcome to join for free and you can support our work if you feel so inclined by making one-time or monthly donations.

Why You Should Join Us

Are you worried about the future of humanity? Want to do more to help regenerate the Earth for all splendid varieties of life? This is a study group about how to do this!

You will find community as we struggle together. Learn frameworks and tools for how to do regenerative design. Discover people and places to collaborate with. And help increase the prospects for future generations -- human and non-human alike.

A Big Thanks

These study sessions and design immersions will be freely given — with possible exceptions for workshops that have operating costs associated with them. Please feel encouraged to support this work with monthly donations on Patreon or make a one-time donation here.