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An online global gathering place where we are learning together how to live regeneratively.

About Us

Earth Regenerators (ER) is an online global gathering place, network and evolving community of several thousand subscribers that was birthed by Joe Brewer in December 2019 as a study group for his book, The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth.  

ER is now hosted by a volunteer team of community members. Joe has moved on to co-found and lead the Design School for Regenerating Earth -- where they are birthing a planetary network of bioregions to live out The Design Pathway in the world.

There truly is a ­pathway to regenerate the Earth. It is not to be found in the shallow optimism of techno-fixes or consumer choices. Rather it is to be found in a spiritual and land-based revival of indigenous lifeways. Combining this with the best scientific knowledge about human behavior, cultural evolution, and the dynamic Earth, a path to regeneration can be made by walking it together throughout the rest of this century and beyond.

Earth Regenerators welcomes all who wish to learn and share together how to live a regenerative life. We offer social supports, connection, and a diversity of activities and groups for people learning together how to be regenerators of the earth.